“The test of our progress…

“The test of our progress…

is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.


Franklin D. Roosevelt

“To hell with more.   I want better.”

Ray Bradbury


These are my  paintings  (in process)…   my script development(s).  My movies

I wrote many of them.

I wrote a lot of movies.  Primarily, in [standard]  script format.  But, some in [the form of] “painting(s)”… sketches.  (And, drawings…  lots of drawings.)  In general,  I am a “drawer”… a painter.  In college,   a printmaker.   An architect.

That is, primarily,  my background.  My skill.  My Art.

I am European…  Alsatian born (French – German border).  Raised [in part] in Asia.  It is natural for me, for myself, to pitch my films in and out of the States.  America/Americas.   I am, also, part Native (North American; Cherokee)…  Indigenous.

Eastern European, Irish and Native.  American.   North American.

As is my heritage [in part] I would be remiss not to honor the FOUR DIRECTIONS…                all FOUR DIRECTIONS: cultures and peoples.  All within the development… the stories…  of my  American movies.   America.    North America.  EAST…  SOUTH…  WEST  and  NORTH:

  • BLACK  (community)                                              


  • RED  (respect)
  • YELLOW (grace) 
  • WHITE  (innovation).   

So, that would be:   via: script development(s)*

                                         community + respect + grace + innovation  =  American.


Thank you for your support.   These “script development(s)… these movies…  (in process:  transparent – style) are for you,  and you only, “We The People”… the human being… and, no one else.  (Ever.)  

 Thank you.


Thank you.  Thank you for your gift.  (This helps keep our “studio” open.)


Thank you for your investment.  (If there is a project here that has included you, and inspired you for your own…  thank you.)   Thank you for your  gift.


Negotiated only, please.  Thank you.  Thank you for your investment.  (This helps keep our “studio” open.) 


*(Frequent update’s, c/o:  “KatchProFILMS/  script development(s)”.)

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KatchProFILMS.  ©  script development(s)  2011 — 2015, 2016.   2017/2018.  All rights reserved.


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