The proprietor…

is of Croatian, Irish and Cherokee American descent.  Born in Alsace (Germany).  And, raised in a Thai village.  (Thai was her first language.)

Her parents [American born], moving herself and her family back to the States (America) at a young age (… primarily, the greater Pacific Northwest, with yet a brief and wonderful stint in the Carolina’s…) she excelled in the Art’s — drawing and painting — subsequently winning several awards and commissions.  This then leading her to enroll in college level classes at 15 [i.e.: science] and, then on to a major University at 16 (Seattle).  She, then, ultimately transferring to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts) on full scholarships, a Peabody Grant and 1 years advance standing in the Masters program of [sustainable] Architecture and Urban Planning.

As a Teachers Assistant, she taught graduate level design classes her first year, and went on to graduate with full honors [M Arch] in the ’80s [’90s] (re: “honors”, i.e.: she was one of four graduate students chosen to be on the Admissions Committee Panel for the following years’ incoming graduate students  [MIT/ Harvard [combined program] Architecture, Design and Urban Planning).

In the  early 90’s, she worked for several architecture/planning firms from Colorado to San Francisco, focusing on historical and sustainable architecture… primarily the States… yet, including projects in Australia (Melbourne;  c/o:  San Francisco office)… throughout the remainder of the decade.

Unfortunately, early on she had suffered a debilitating sports injury aggravated while rock climbing  in Colorado.  This  set her back a few years — temporarily limiting her ability to physically accomplish her creative work  (re: ripped some and bruised her cardiovascular ligaments, and snapped a rib  — all aggravated by a  previous minimal impact injury [mishap] … prior, through running/climbing.)  And, at the time…  improperly diagnosed.  And, then  an almost seeming barrage of endless  recommendations concerning physical therapies, specialist’s  and physicians until…  Sport’s Medicine modalities (her choice)…worked.

At the time, the whole medical/medical insurance system at an upheaval [bad timing], and subsequently perpetuating a medical  process, of healing, akin to a nightmare.  [She still has them, occassionally].

Then she,  kind of,  limping around thus limiting her ability to, adequately, perform and execute any of her creative work — pretty much everything she had received honors and awards in concerning her creative work and career.   Her Art.   This including and implementing scholarships and monetary honors.

She found herself recovering from semi – paralysis then, subsequently, embarking on her own medical search… and,  prognosis.   (She, later, eschewed  conventional physicians and modalities [her own reasons] and formed a more progressive and  dynamic team.   A rigorous nutrition regiment (i.e.  she, seeming, excessively consumed farm fresh baby carrots, from farmer’s markets — fresh from the ground — then, promptly turned yellow.  (i.e.:  One physician, aghast,  assumed she had jaundice.  She eschewed him as well).  Not a big “animal eater”   (… might  have helped in the expediency of her healing) sticking, predominantly,  to a “veggie” diet (…including massive amounts of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Psychic comfort…) regime.  A recommended Sport’s medicine recovery program.

Then, follow – up physical therapy (… she proved hoity – toity physicians wrong — she highly reccomends that) — throughout the  latter part of the  ’90’s,  and on into the beginning of the millennium.

In the interim, she worked, sub contracted and consulted, primarily, for Art’s and cultural/tech — entrepreneurial (some corporate… most non profit) and (GREEN) sustainable organization’s — again, both for – profit and non-profit.  (She, also, worked/volunteered for “at risk kids” organizations   (and, when time permits, still does…) and,  Symphonies.

American Symphonies.  Lots of them.  (And/or musical and art affiliates.) She organized, worked for and attended… many performances.  (Still does, again when time permits.)  A lot of concerts. And, listened (really “listened”) to a lot of music.  (These?  Sans music?

She calls the “terrible years”.)  She wrote her movies.

And, in the interim (while healing — working with both Native and Eastern/Western medical  modalities…)  she developed a lot of scripts.  She wrote as lot of movies.

Today, she is currently (and, almost entirely,) healed  via: Native and Eastern/ Western modalities, some osteopathic medicine (well-chosen) and Sports Therapy.   A composite, of her own choosing.  And,   is now, happily,   back to “tinkering” on a few architectural and renovation projects  (some Art assemblage/montage… some model building) — and, of course… back to  painting.


And, drawing  (her love).

She is now implementing them.  She is, now, implementing her scripts.   Her “script development(s)”… her movies.  Her American movies.

Hope you like them.

PEACE.  (D O H I Y I.)


The proprietor…


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